Biceps, Triceps, Abs + Fat Burning

This  program is designed for the already active individual looking to add definition to the arms and abs, while keeping their routine, as opposed to making muscle building the sole focus of their training. The volume and intensity coupled with a good diet and rest plan are the foundation to adding muscle tissue. This program delivers your weekly exercises with sets, reps, and custom weights based on your current level of fitness.  All of this is packaged in the most cutting edge delivery system, our app called Metron. Check out the video on the homepage form more into on Metron.


This training plan is designed to work along with your current fitness routine to achieve muscle gain without sacrificing the current level of fitness you have built.

This training plan provides you with...

3 Sessions per week

  -2 Sessions with progessive loads and alternating stimulas for arms and abs

  -1 Session of fasted cardio with target heart rate intensity and durations programmed


When you join our team we bring you into our training group. This is your space to connect with our crew and your fellow teammates. This private training group is a place for you to submit training videos and lifts for critique. Attend live streams on various topics from GoRuck strategy, programming questions, equipment questions, nutrition strategy, and anything else fitness related. Using this group to communicate one-on-one with our team will give you an edge over the others training for similar events!

Total cost is $14/mo.

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