GORUCK Star Courses

Alpha 50mi+

Bravo 25mi+

Charlie 12mi+

A GORUCK Star Course is not an event to be taken lightly. This is not an obstacle course, not a marathon, not a CrossFit competition, not a weightlifting meet. Therefore you should not be training for a GORUCK Star Course in the same way you would one of those other events. You require attributes in which those other disciplines do not prioritize. Your body needs more than strong feet to finish a long distance ruck. Therefore you need more from your training system than just some linear progression of increasing distance rucking. You need muscular endurance to continue to work, more stability and capacity in your legs, hips and core to maintain a good strong position while those around you start to deteriorate. This program includes a lot of rucking, but it also includes all the other training that will have you finishing as strong as you start, not limping or crawling across the finish line. By making you better, we are making the work easier. When the work is easier for your mind and body, you perform at a higher level for longer. Participants that lack any of these attributes will be exposed sooner rather than later. 


This entire training plan is designed around a 3 training session per week split for Charlie and Bravo, and  4 sessions per week split for the Alpha. Our Mobility and Stability training plans will be available for rest days. Recovery workouts will be posted on the training group for your rest days if you need additional sessions.

This 12 week training plan includes:

  • Progressive distances rucks

  • Interval rucks to maximize cardiovascular proficiency and efficiency

  • SST (sport specific training) workouts for muscular endurance, stabilize muscle capacity, core and hip strength and stamina


This training plan requires minimal equipment. Designed to be conducted anywhere, anytime. We recommend having the ability to fine tune your ruck and sandbags by having small 1 -2.5 pound weights (weight vest inserts work well) so you can adjust your working weight as needed. 


Equipment you can expect to handle during this training plan include:

-Ruck -Sandbag 1 mid weight (60/40#)  -Box  -Hanging scale  -Ruck weights


When you join our team we bring you into our training group. This is your space to connect with our crew and your fellow teammates. This private training group is a place for you to submit training videos and lifts for critique. Attend live streams on various topics from GORUCK strategy, programming questions, equipment questions, nutrition strategy, and anything else fitness related. Using this group to communicate one-on-one with our team will give you an edge over the others training for similar events!

Total cost is $29/mo.

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