GORUCK Heavy Training Plan

A GORUCK heavy is not an event to be taken lightly. This is not a Star Course, not an obstacle course, not a marathon, not a CrossFit competition, not a weightlifting meet. Therefore you should not be training for a GORUCK Heavy in the same way you would one of those other events. You require attributes in which those other disciplines do not prioritize. More strength to move weight and more stability to carry objects. More muscular endurance to continue to work and more stamina and recovery proficiency to stay in the fight. By making you better, we are making the work easier. When the work is easier for your mind and body, you perform at a higher level for longer. Participants that lack any of these attributes will be exposed sooner rather than later. When that happens, you will have two options — to stay and become a burden to your comrades, or to save them the pain and misery and quit. When the event starts, it's already too late, this is the time to prepare your mind and body the right way. Be someone's savior on your next event, not their burden. 


This entire training plan is designed around a 6 training session per week split. You WILL have the option to do multi sessions per day. Doing one in the morning and one in the evening or even back to back if the sessions. Our Mobility and Stability training plans will be available for rest days. Recovery workouts will be posted on the training group for your rest days if you need additional sessions.

This 16 week training plan includes:

Phase 1: Strength, Stability, and Foundational Endurance phase

  •  8 Weeks

  • 6 training sessions per week

  • 1 lifting session focusing on functional form and creating strength

  • 1 strength session for full body strength, stability and capacity

  • 1 lifting session focusing on functional form and creating strength and volume in phase 2

  • 2 SST (sport specific training) sessions that will increase in intensity over 8 weeks and lay a foundation of physical preparedness


Phase 2: SST (sport specific training)

  •  8 Weeks

  • 6 training sessions per week

  • 3 endurance sessions that build on phase 1 and progress in volume and intensity over the 8 weeks tapering for your event

  • 3 SST (sport specific training) sessions that will increase in intensity over 8 weeks. Volume and duration increase from phase 1 and taper at the end to get you recovered and primed for your event


Building a training plan for a challenge is not easy. There are few disciplines out there at require so many variables be accounted for. We're not just rucking up and grinding our feet, knees and hips to dust. During this training plan you will be asked to do a wide array of movements at an ever wider array of weights, durations, distances, combinations, and intensities. That being said, you should never attempt anything you're not confident you can handle. There is a modification for every movement and every piece of equipment


Exercises you can expect include:

-Rucking -Running -Ruck running -Step ups -Lunges -Push ups (bodyweight and ruck) -Sit ups (bodyweight and weighted) -Bench press variations -Shoulder press variations -Barbell and dumbbell rowing variations -Various sandbag exercises -Weight carries -Weight throws -Various core and back exercises -Medicine ball exercises -Pull ups (assisted or weighted)  -Squats -Deadlifts -Bear crawls -Sled drags -Kettlebell exercises


We recommend conducting training at a CrossFit gym or similar training center, and possibly finding new or used equipment for items your gym may not have. Each of the strongman type equipment will prepare you better than anything for a challenge, however if you do not with to use this equipment, you will have the option to sub out those sessions for additional, non strength workouts. All members of Rucking Fit are brought into the training community page, which is a great resource to find ways to substitute certain equipment and economical ways to find great training tools. 


Equipment you can expect to use include:

-Ruck -Sandbags: 1 heavy weight (90/60#) and 1 mid weight (60/40#) -Stones or Sandstones: 1 heavy weight (150/100#) and 1 mid weight (100/70#) -Sled and dragging strap (can be created by dragging a tire) -Farmer carry handles (can be created with 5 gallon buckets) -Yoke (can be substituted with heavy ruck + sandbags) -Mid weight dumbbells -Kettlebell -Barbell -Weight plates -Box  -Medicine ball -Slamball -Rower -Pull up bar


When you join our team we bring you into our Facebook training group. This is your space to connect with our crew and your fellow teammates. The private group is a place for you to submit training videos and lifts for critique. Attend live streams on various topics from GORUCK strategy, programming questions, equipment questions, nutrition strategy, and anything else fitness related. Using this group to communicate one-on-one with our team will give you an edge over the others training for similar events!

Total cost is $29/mo.

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